The National Food Health safety Product Office (ONSSA)


In addition to its role as guarantor of the safety of food products, the ONSSA must give confidence to the consumer and all its partners. The functions and tasks of the ONSSA are explicitly defined by Law No. 25-08 establishing it, which stipulates what follows:

  • Apply the government’s policy on safety of plants, animals and food products from raw materials to the final consumer, including foods intended for animal feed;
  • Ensure the sanitary protection of national plant and animal heritage and control of plant and animal products or of plant or animal origin, including fish products for import, in domestic market and for export;
  • Ensure animal sanitary surveillance and control their identification and movements;
  • Apply the regulations on veterinary and plant health policy;
  • Perform analysis of health risks that may arise from food and foodstuffs intended for animal nutrition on the health of consumers and pathogens to the health of plants and animals;
  • Check the diseases of plants and animals, products of plant and animal foodstuffs intended for animal feed, veterinary drugs or any other product intended for use in veterinary medicine and surgery;
  • Issue sanitary authorizations or approvals, as the case might be, of establishments where food and foodstuffs intended for animal feed are produced, manufactured, processed, handled, transported, stored, kept or offered for sale, except fish markets, fishing vessels, barges and floating processing units, production, processing, packaging and storage of products and by-products of fishing;
  • Issue its opinion regarding health compliance of sea fishing establishments referred to in the preceding paragraph prior to approval;
  • Monitor and conduct the registration of veterinary medicines and veterinary pharmaceutical establishments;
  • Check food additives, packaging materials, products and materials that come into contact with food and fertilizers and irrigation water products;
  • Allow and / or save livestock farms;
  • Check and make pesticide registration and approval of establishments producing, importing or exporting;
  • Monitor and perform the certification of seeds and plants and the approval of establishments producing, importing or exporting them.


Contact :

  • Adress : Avenue hadj Ahmed Cherkaoui Agdal, Rabat, MOROCCO
  • Tel : +212 5 37 67 65 05 / 06
  • Fax : +212 5 37 68 20 49
  • Website : www.onssa.gov.ma
  • Managing Director : M. Abdallah JANATI