The National Office of Fisheries (ONP)

The National Office of Fisheries is a Moroccan public institution established in 1969. Its major missions are the development of coastal and artisanal fisheries and the organization of fish wholesale trade.
Under the auspices of the Ministry ofAgriculture and Maritime Fisheries,(ONP) is assigned with task to undertake the governmental strategy for the development and the promotion of the competitiveness of the Moroccan fisheries sector. Thus, assuring it a management in accordance with criteria of profitability, partnership, public services.

As a Global Operator, the ONP seeks to provide its customers an integrated management of Moroccan fishing ports within the following objectives:

  • Management of all fishing ports;
  • Contributing to a better control of fisheries management plans;
  • Ensuring a better quality control and traceability of seafood products;
  • Upgrading the landing and marketing infrastructures;
  • Providing professional and quality service.

The major activities of the ONP is:

  • The management of fish auction halls inside sea ports, and the management of network of fish wholesale markets in accordance with standards ensuring the safety and quality of products ;
  • Grading of the Industrial Fish;
  • Monitoring of fish products landings and data collecting;
  • Promote domestic consumption of fish. 



  • Strategy and Marketing Director P.I : Mr El Basri Khalid
  • Tel : +212 5 22 24 05 51 / Fax : +212 5 22 24 66 91
  • E-mail : k.elbasri@onp.ma
  • Manager of the External Communication Service : Badiss Hassan
  • Tel : +212 5 22 24 05 51 / Fax : +212 5 22 24 23 05
  • E-mail : h.badiss@onp.ma
  • Adress : 15, Rue Lieutenant Mahroud 20 300 Casablanca