The Interprofessional Federation of Citrus « Maroc Citrus »


The Morocco Citrus was created in 2009 as part of the Green Morocco Plan which provides, inter alia, the inter-professional organization of different agricultural sectors. The purpose of the Federation «Morocco Citrus» is to:

  • Contribute to the organization, development and integration of the citrus industry; 
  • Promote within inter-professional framework both consultation and coordination among operators in the sector at all levels.
  • Represent its members and defend the collective interests of the citrus inter-profession with public authorities, various institutes and national and international organizations.
  • Investigate key issues of economic, commercial,social, technical, financial and tax issues relating to the production, nurseries, packaging, export, marketing and processing of citrus.
  • Inform the public authorities or any national or international establishment about the results of these studies and perform with them all the steps or actions it deems necessary to ensure the representation of collective interests of its members.

The Federation is governed by a General Assembly composed of representatives of the ASPAM (Citrus Growers Association of Morocco) exporting companies (exporters’ pools and groups) of the Moroccan Association of Certified Citrus Nurseries (AMAPAC) and representatives of citrus processing businesses.



  • Adress : 283, Bd Zerktouni, 6ème étage, Casablanca
  • Tel : +212 522 36 39 46/06
  • Fax : +212 522 36 40 41
  • President : Moulay Mhamed LOULTITI