Institut National de Recherche Halieutique (INRH)

The "Institut National de Recherche Halieutique"  of Morocco is a public entity granted with a moral and financial autonomy since 1996. Dedicated to research and technological development in fisheries science, INRH is an essential tool for decision making in the halieutic sector in Morocco. Through its research programs and expertise, INRH contributes to scientific knowledge on marine environment and biodiversity in order to develop responsible and sustainable exploitation of marine resources. The institute’s role is conducting an ongoing assessment of the state of fishery resources, monitoring ecosystem indicators and ensuring the quality and safety of the marine and coastal environment in Morocco. In addition, INRH undertakes various research activities and experiments at sea or inland such as aquaculture studies, monitoring of artificial reefs and marine protected areas in order to develop and rationalize the management of fisheries resources.

Research is based mainly around the following themes i.a.:

  • Studies and research to deepen knowledge on the marine environment and predict its impact on fisheries resources;
  • Continuous monitoring of the marine environment, for instance chemical and microbiological contamination or other sources of pollution that could cause any harm to the marine environment
  • Assessment of the fishery resources, the actual state of fish stocks and their exploitation level, the biological and socio-economical impact on fisheries
  • Monitoring of fish product and aquaculture quality;
  • Ecological assessment of potential sites for aquaculture Understanding of coastal and marine ecosystems;
  • Enhancement of aquaculture technologies through engineering development , species diversification, nutrition, genetics, pathology etc.

INRH is organized under three scientific Departments: “Fisheries Resources”, “Quality and the health of the Marine Environment” and “Oceanography and Aquaculture”. There will be a fourth one, particularly dedicated to Aquaculture (in project).

The headquarters are located in Casablanca with a network of five regional centres, two specialised centres and seven monitoring environmental stations in major harbours throughout the kingdom.

INRH structure counts on 2 research vessels and many small vessels. Different kind of cooperation(national, bilateral, regional and multilateral) are among our priority.