Federation of Industries of Transformation and Promotion of Fishery Products (FENIP)


The FENIP is a professional organization established on 21 November 1996. It succeeds the Federation of Canning Industries of Morocco «Ficoma» created in 1948. As a sectorial Federation and member of the CGEM, the FENIP aims essentially to:

  • represent and defend the interests of its members,
  • study measures to develop processing industries fishery products and to improve the conditions of production, distribution and sale of products,
  • provide its members any assistance to promote and grow their business.

The sector of fish processing industries consists ofseven branches of activities,six of which are represented in professional organizations adherent to FENIP:

  • The industry of semi-preserved fish: represented by AMASCOP
  • Industry of fishmeal and fish oil: represented by ANAFAP
  • Freezing seafood: represented by the ANICOM
  • Packaging and export of fresh fish: represented by APROMER All fish processing industries in Agadir represented by FIPROMER
  • Fish canning : represented by UNICOP
  • Seaweed processing industry (AGAR AGAR) associate member