National interprofessional space with the participation and contribution of the professional organizations representing the sector of production, upgrading and marketing of fruits.
Representation, restructure, development, technology transfer and promotion of the sector of fruit trees in Morocco. 

It aims to:
  • Identify and disseminate its positions on issues affecting the sector;
  • Ensure, alongside member associations, the organization and representation of the sector to the private and institutional environment at national and international level;
  • Undertake any action aimed at improving the image of the profession attached to it;
  • Work towards a legislative and regulatory environment favorable to the development of the Moroccan arboriculture sector;
  • Protect and defend the collective interests of the profession attached to it;
  • Develop a communication strategy on the program contract involving the FEDAM next to the state;
  • Ensure the transfer of technology through a training plan and efficient communication;
  • Engage in a process of social, corporate and environmental responsibility;
  • Establish a communication plan to promote the sector of the Moroccan tree growing in light of actions taken on the basis of commitments.
The FEDAM includes the following associations:
  • PRODUCTION SECTOR: Association of the Producers of the Division of Fruit Trees in Morocco (ADAM);
  • VALORISATION SECTOR: Association of the Producers of warehouse owners, conditioners and transformers of Moroccan Arboricultural (ARBOVAL);
  • SECTOR OF PLANTS PRODUCTION: Moroccan Association of Certified Plants Producers (AMPPC);
  • OTHER AREA: Moroccan Association of Producers and Exporters Producers of Avocados (AMPEA).



  • Adress : Rue la Patrouilleuse, Résidence Nouria, Immeuble E, Appartement 46, Ville Nouvelle, Meknès
  • Tel : +212 535 52 20 24
  • Fax : +212 535 40 41 42
  • Email : fedammaroc@gmail.com
  • Website : www.fedam.ma
  • President : M. Aboubakr BELKORA